Yugo Skala

This model is the licence of FIAT128, which later nown as Zastava 101 in 1971. The Yugo Skala 55 is the hatchback version of this model. Its production stopped by the end of 2001. (There were many variant: Z101, ZLM, ZLC, ZLX, 311, 411, 413, 511, 513, Zastava GTL, Comfort, Mediterran, various equipped model, with air conditoning, etc.)

Technical datas:

Body: 3/5 door hatchback, 5 seats
Length: 3840 mm
Width: 1590 mm
Height: 1448 mm
Axle distance: 2150 mm
Gauge front/rear: 1308/1313 mm
Boot capacity: 170/450 dm3
Fuel tank capacity: 36 l
Tyres: 165/70 Rx13
Weight: 830 kg
Max. Load: 400 kg
Max. towing without brake: 500 kg
Max. towing with brake: 800 kg
Transmission: Front wheel drive; one plate, dry clutch;
Porsche and Borg Wargner 4+R speed gearbox.
Turning circle: 10,3 m
Brake system: 2 circle hydraulic, servo assisted
Front brake (d): disk, 227 mm
Rear brake (d): drum, 186 mm
Engine: 4 cylinder, serial, water-cooled.
Fuel: Super, unleaded
Engine capacity: 1116 cm3
Bore x stroke: 80 x 55,5 mm
Compression ratio: 9,2
Power: 40.5(55) KW(HP) @ 6000 o/min
Max. moment: 77.5 Nm @ 3000 o/min
Ignition system: electronic, Bosch system
Fuel system: one neck carburator IPM32 MGV12
Accumulator capacity: 34 Ah
Amps: 45 A
Power of generator 0,8 kW
Max. velocity: 135 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 16 sec
Acceleration 0-1000 m: 38 sec

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