Yugos again

I am a citizen of Slovenia, former republic of Yugoslavia and today an independent country. At the end of your text, whitch I must say, is based on relyable data you've written, that it's higlhly unliked that Yugo will ever come back to USA. Today, in the year 2000 still thousands of Yugos are driving around, mostly 8-12 years old, so the Yugo has it's quality. The new generation of Yugo has FIA certificat, so it's complaint with European standards. It is most likely, that Yugo will return to European and even American market. Zastava is producing YUGOs again, even if they "gained" cruel damage from NATO. But I'm not writing this to disscuss political and military issues, so I'll jump to the point. Today Zastava is producing YUGOs again, but there is an exportation problem, becaus of sanction against Seria. Yugoslavia can't export products and import to and from USA and countryies, whitch are member of EU. Slovenia is still not a member, but because of present economy situation and relationship with Serbia, Serbia does not allow to export in Slovenia. Montenegro has it's own policy, so it's most likely, that Zastava will export Yugo's trought Montenegro to Slovenia and on the other hand a lot of parts for Yugo will be made in Slovenia, whitch will be imported to Serbia, also trough Montenegro. I assume that Yugos will achive European and US market trough Slovenia. Never the less Yugo has future, because of it price, in Slovenia selling price will be 9000 DEM, which is around 4000 US $ and Zastava has achieved all European standards. New Yugo has 1,3l with BOSCH injection motor, whitch gives it around 80HP(totaly enaugh for it's waight of 800 kilos), Transmition designed by Porsche, slightly new internal and external design, improved safety, and lots of detailes.

Tic Pavlin

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